Trains. Switzerland. Awesome.

Traveling by train through Switzerland is an amazing experience. Not just because of the country itself and it’s stunning landscapes, but mostly for practical reasons since it’s very easy to travel through. And what’s a better way to travel through a country if not using the railway?

First thing you’ll notice if you check for train tickets is the price.

Tickets are not an exception for the expensive Switzerland! But fear not!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this: the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provide a pass called Demi-tarif (Half-fair). Yes, you guessed correctly, having this pass you can buy any ticket in half the price. This doesn’t include only trains, but also reduced prices for tram and busses, boats even cable cars to go up to the Alps.

You may say that 175 CHF is expensive for an annual pass that you’ll still have to pay half the price for every ticket, but hey… Think of it differently: you just need to contribute less than half a franc per day for a year.

How much does the coffee that you drink every day cost you for a year? Exactly.

So, you made the wise choice and you bought yourself the Demi-tarif. Now you’re ready to jump on a train! Switzerland is a small country meaning that (almost) every destination is close, with less than 3 hours of trip from one corner to another. A long weekend is enough time to hop on a train, spend some days in the places of your choice and return home whenever you get tired (or run out of holidays!).

Another interesting point is that the train tickets are valid for the whole day. You are not obliged to select the time of departure when purchasing one, only the date.

Use the SBB app! Save time and moneyz!

Having a smartphone makes traveling in CH even easier. Using the SBB app you can quickly check the timetables and buy your ticket. The very interesting thing here is the Supersaver ticket.

The application gives you the option to bind your ticket to a departure time and save some money. This means that your ticket will not be valid for the whole day, but just for a specific train. If you plan in advance and you know which trains you’ll take, the Supersaver ticket is an excellent choice (check Tip 2). For example, a ticket I bought the other day from Vevey to Basel cost 27.60 CHF instead of 34.50 CHF. 7 moneys less, not bad ha?

So that’s settled. Now it only remains to decide how you’re gonna spend your previous time in Switzerland!

The world
What a glorious place!
Seek freedom and it will lie stretched out before your eyes.
If the endless dream guides your restless spirit
Seize it!
Raise your flag and stand tall! – Hikari e

Tip 1: If you are traveling from east to west, try to sit close to the left windows of the train. Otherwise (west Switzerland to east) choose the right side of the train. Thank me later.

Tip 2: If you decide to buy the Supersaver tickets, do so at least 1 hour before your departure time. This is a limitation of the system, letting you buy tickets that are available after one hour from the time you check. But if you plan your trip carefully, you shouldn’t have a problem!

Solar Roadways

Lately I’ve been seeing articles about this small innovative company all over the Internet. If you haven’t seen any yet, you can find information about their project and vision in the official website.

Artist's rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar Roadways Graphic design by Sam Cornett
Artist’s rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho – Home of Solar Roadways Graphic design by Sam Cornett

Solar Roadways is exactly what the name suggests; Solar panels on the road. Solar panels, protected by a strong glass material will provide electricity, collecting sun energy. How cool is that? Unlimited energy! As they say in one of their videos, the sun is not going to run out of energy for the next years! So why not use it?

Beside just the electricity, solar roadways will be equipped with leds, meaning they can be programmed and display any kind of shapes and messages on the street. Remember the TRON movie? Exactly that. But real.

And we should not forget the no-more-ice-on-the-streets, because they can also produce heating, which will keep the streets clean during winter time.

Solving global worming, reducing car accidents, unlimited electricity and so many more advantages. I am trying hard but cannot think of any disadvantage of this idea.

Just imagine driving a TESLA or any TESLA-like future electric car, that will be able to charge.. while driving! If this is not mind blowing then what is..

I am sure that there will be a big number of elite people that will try to stop them, to serve their own interest and oil companies’ ones. But I strongly believe in this idea and I want them to succeed!

Support their vision of awesome roadways in Indiegogo by making a donation of any amount you like (there are gifts too!). It’s time to bring the future!

Another very interesting article worth reading: Solar Roadways is funding – and why you should care.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,200 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Getting “High” legally!

Although you may translate the title into getting stoned legally, I actually *mean* the word high! 1718m above sea level precisely! Today’s task was to drink beer on top of Jura Mountains at the highest point called le Reculet (although it’s not the highest since 2003 when Crêt de la Neige was discovered to be higher by 2 meters). We drove together with A. and G. until the parking space at the height of around 850m (Tiocan) and continued on foot to the top of the mountain. The map below shows the trail we followed. Walked for 6h (with many breaks in between!) and for almost 13km!

LE RECULET au départ du Tiocan
More information about the trail can be found here:

The view from the starting point (around 850m)

Mont Blanc view
View of Mont Blank from Tiocan – with that funny “mushroom” cloud on top!

And the fun begins

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

Second checkpoint, la Croisee, 1190m

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

climbing jura

And finally after a lot of efford – THE TOP

climbing jura

climbing jura

Mission Accomplished!

climbing jura

climbing jura

Why don’t you get a job: Part 2 [UPDATED]

I came up today with some more opportunities of finding a job or an internship abroad! These are “Just London Jobs” and “Careers at CERN”!

Just London Jobs

Just London Jobs tmdr_brands_17

Finding jobs in London is promising (if not easy!) with this cool website. You can add you criteria and search for the job that best fits you. The specific subpage for internships is this one:

Careers at CERN


Why not?! Find more info in the jobs opportunities page: With specific programs for students and graduates, CERN is one of the coolest places to start your career! Apply and get ready for some knowledge collisions! Check out also the video:



Searching jobs around the world:

Check Part 1